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2011 signals a new and exciting shift in focus for me. I plan to devote this year to exploring the Wildlife of North America, in my painting and my writing.

Starting with the Bald Eagle, one of many species that have gone to the edge of extinction and the many years, the large sums of money, the hard work of innumerable biologists, scientists, environmentalists and political activists that have helped the species to be rescued from the edge of the cliff. They still have a very tenuous, extremely fragile and ultra delicate hold on their survival as a species. Each one of these species has a different story, starting with the journey to the brink and a different route for recovery which included hard work, dedication, a lot of setbacks, positive and negative input from local and national authorities and politicians and the generous donation of thousands of hours by volunteers. It has taken a lot of support, help and resources from all sorts of groups, organizations and individuals for each one of these success stories.

The choice of species has been inspired and influenced by Jane Goodall's book "Hope for the Animals" wherein Ms Goodall describes species after species that has been rescued from near extinction. These Recovery Projects have succeeded and have infused the whole conservation movement with energy, hope and optimism.

I will be exploring the animals and birds and their personalities in my painting and describe the story of their lives, their edging to the point of near extinction and the precarious and exciting journey back in my writings for the blog.

On a different note, one of the paintings of my Hibiscus Series has been selected for the "Art on the Walls" show at the UT Health Science Center, "Hibiscus Joy" will be displayed From Jan 6, 2011 to June 5, 2011.